The Route


The Friday night run starts at 19h00 sharp. This is a technically easy 8km night run through Goudini Spa and into Badsberg Cellar, ending back at Goudini Spa. Registration is from 16h00. You will receive a headlamp in your goodie bag, which is obviously yours to keep, so no need to buy or bring one. There is a two-hour cutoff. The warmup party and live music starts at 20h00, so the sooner you finish, the sooner you party.


On Saturday morning we start at 08h00. The route takes runners from Deetlefs through Rawsonville before turning towards an incredible trail section. The water points will be manned by friendly wine cellar staff, with braais stationed at strategic locations to keep your energy levels up. Wine tasting is encouraged. The cutoff for the day is 14h00 (which means you have 6 hours to "run" the 21km and enjoy the various festivities on the route).


On Sunday, you leave Goudini Spa in the direction of the Slanghoek Valley, again at 08h00. The route takes you through Jason's Hill Private Cellar, running along the foothills of the Slanghoek Mountains. You then cross Slanghoek Road and run through Slanghoek Cellar vineyards, and literally through the actual Slanghoek Cellar cellar. From the cellar, the route takes you up towards a single track trail and then into the back of Goudini Spa to the finish. Cutoff is 4 hours.